TTC campaign urges customers to stay off the tracks

This week, the TTC is launching a system-wide public awareness campaign about the dangers of trespassing on TTC tracks. Last year, 110 incidents of trespassing resulted in more than 1,570 minutes of delays to TTC customers.

Track trespassing is both unnecessary and very dangerous, and carries a fine of up to $5,000. It also causes emotional distress for subway operators and staff, and inconvenience to other customers.

Incidents of trespassing vary in nature and severity, and include any activity in which an unauthorized person descends to track level, such as:
- descending to track level to retrieve a dropped phone or other personal item
- entering, walking or running through a subway tunnel for any reason
- crossing the subway tracks to get to the platform on the other side

Customers who drop personal items onto the tracks should speak to any TTC employee for assistance.

“With this clear and direct ad campaign, we are reminding customers that their safety comes first,” said TTC Chair Jaye Robinson. “There is, quite simply, no reason to go to track level. It’s both dangerous and irresponsible.”

Starting this week, customers will see posters throughout the system, hear announcements playing over the PA system in subway stations and see reminders on platform video screens, social media, and in the TTC’s weekly page in the StarMetro.

Please see attached for an example of the artwork being used for the campaign. For more information, visit

Poster having black back ground and yellow text with message Your phone is not worth your life. Speak to a TTC staff member to retrieve your dropped phone

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