TTC Board approves 2020 budgets with enhanced services

The TTC’s Board today approved the 2020 operating and capital budget that protects recent service improvements while adding 128,000 hours of new service, funds a new anti-racism strategy and boosts revenue protection measures.

Service enhancements include hiring 121 operators to increase service on 25 surface routes across the city, new anti-racism training, improvements in the Wheel-Trans call-centre to reduce wait times and 50 new staff to reduce fare evasion.

Services protected in the budget include the two-hour hop-on, hop-off transfer and kids ride free programs and more subway, bus and streetcar service.

In developing the $2.14 billion operating budget for conventional and Wheel-Trans services, the TTC found $31.6 million in efficiencies and offsets without impacting service. The budget calls for an additional $27 million subsidy from the City of Toronto and another $26.4 million in revenue protection and cost recovery. A 10 cent per ride increase on all fares except adult cash, which remains at $3.25, raises another $31.4 million. The fare increase comes into effect on March 1, 2020.

The Board also approved the TTC’s $7.4 billion 2020-2029 capital budget that invests in longer term projects to reduce crowding, keep the system in a state of good repair, improve accessibility and increase capacity at Bloor-Yonge.

While the TTC has authority on matters related to fare policy, the budgets still go to full City Council for final approval.
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