TTC expanding boarding decals test to southbound St George platform

The TTC is expanding a platform decal pilot project that improves customer flow on and off subway trains and reduces crowding at busy Line 1 interchange stations.

This week, the decals are being installed on the southbound platform at St George Station.

Introduced in April on the southbound platform at Bloor-Yonge Station, the high-visibility decals show customers where the subway doors will be. When customers on the platform have a better idea of where to stand, they are able to board and exit trains more efficiently. (See attached image)

With the TTC’s new automated signalling system in place at St George, trains will stop in the same spot every time, ensuring the doors and decals are in line.

The decals will run the entire length of the southbound platform. Doors nearest accessible seating will be marked in blue to indicate this as the preferred boarding location for customers with mobility devices, strollers and luggage. The TTC requests that priority be given to these customers to board first once other customers have exited the train.

The platform decals are one of several steps the TTC is taking at Bloor-Yonge to reduce delays and improve subway service on Line 1 in the morning rush hour. Already, the station is using an enhanced customer management model and has emergency medical responders on site for quicker response to and clearing of Emergency Alarms.

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