TTC testing platform markers to improve customer flow

The TTC has installed new markers and accessibility symbols along the platform at York University Station to enable customers to see where the doors will open and to indicate where priority seating is located on the train.

This pilot project is designed to improve both customer flow and service reliability by indicating the areas to keep clear for those exiting trains.

With the new Automatic Train Control (ATC) system operating on the Line 1 extension, the TTC is already testing ways to take advantage of the technology to improve operating efficiency where it can. These markers are possible because ATC stops trains at the same precise position along the platform every time it enters a station.

York University Station was selected as the pilot site because it is the busiest non-terminal station within the ATC service area. The durability of the markings and impacts on customer flow will be monitored throughout the fall before expanding the program.

While trains mainly operate in ATC mode between Sheppard West and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre stations, there may be times, as the TTC continues to install and test the system, the trains will operate in manual mode and may not line up with markers.

When fully rolled out on Line 1, ATC will improve service reliability and provide an option to increase capacity on the line.

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