TTC Special Constables recognized by Toronto police for bravery

Yesterday, the Toronto Police Service recognized four members of the TTC's Transit Enforcement Unit for professionalism and bravery. Special Constables Leslie Kampf, Mitch McFarlane, Sean Salmon and Martin Stewart each received a Chief of Police Letter of Recognition for their assistance apprehending a man with a firearm at Spadina Station on June 1, 2018.

On the night of Fri., June 1, customers reported to the TTC that a man with a gun was on an Eastbound train. The four Special Constables checked and cleared several stations on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth but were unable to locate the armed individual.

Later that night, witnesses reported seeing a man with a gun at Spadina Station. Mr. Kampf, Mr. McFarlane, Mr. Salmon and Mr. Stewart confirmed the reports and evacuated the station. Toronto Police Officers arrived at Spadina Station and together, the group was able to subdue the armed man.  The four TTC Special Constables and Toronto Police risked their safety for the safety of Toronto's public and TTC customers.

"I am so proud of these four outstanding officers and all the men and women in transit enforcement," said Rick Leary, CEO of the TTC. "This incident is just one example of the work they do to protect our customers and staff every day."

The TTC's Transit Enforcement Unit is committed to helping keep the TTC safe for customers, employees and the public.

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