TTC recognizes employee excellence

Today, the TTC honoured its best employees for going above and beyond the call of duty in the areas of Leadership, Safety, Innovation & Creativity, Customer Service and Teamwork. This afternoon’s recipients are eligible for the Employee of the Year award that is handed out at a special ceremony held each winter.

The awards are part of the TTC’s Rewards and Recognition program, which celebrates employees’ demonstrated diligence and dedication to the organization by honouring top performers in the areas outlined above who exemplify The TTC Way. The program aligns with the TTC’s Five-Year Corporate Plan’s critical path of enabling our employees to succeed.

The TTC congratulates and thanks the following award recipients for the amazing work they do:

Customer Service

Bobbie-Jean Donovan – Transit Control Dispatcher
Michael Maguire – Operator
Aaron Rodgers – Operator
Rishu Chadha, Matthew Di Taranto, Terri Hay, Hovig Kerkezian, Kevin McAnena, Ronald Sly - Customer Service Centre Group


Carmine Fusaro and Mark Jelinski – Escalator Mechanics
Maria Kapovsky – Curriculum Development Specialist
Osama Manneh – Video Service Technician

Innovation and Creativity

Richard Brettell – Engineering Technologist
Kevin Shen – Supervisor, Technical Support and Development


Mario Barone – Slip Clerk
Steven Cuschieri - Manager, Bus Maintenance
Ed Dailous – Senior Instructor
Dave Grant – Senior Instructor
Pamela Kraft – Head - Property, Planning and Development
Annette Salfarlie – Director – Project Management
Kyle Whiteway – Construction Site Manager


Vincent Balfour, Peter Benerowski, Sean Bryce, Clancy Friel, Milan Novakovic and Thomas Reilly – Streetcar Overhead Crew
Connor Adami, Chris Batsuzkin, Darrin Brown, Hani Chahine, Jaqueline Darwood, Pranav Dave, Francesco Di Noto, Narayan Donaldson, Mark Eskandar, Ron Gambin, Tim Lawson, Franco Longo, Laurence Lui, Tim McCallum, Albert Oliver, Trevor Pitman, Kevin Shen, Jim Sinikas, Alexander Takarabe, Erin Wemyss – King Street Pilot Team

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