TTC launches 'Please Offer Me a Seat' program

TTC customers needing a seat will now be able to ask other customers to offer them a seat simply by wearing a button indicating their need.

Responding to customer feedback, and designed with the support of the TTC's Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit, the program allows customers to self-identify their need for a seat.

Similar to programs in New York City and London, this is part of the TTC's growing commitment to increasing accessibility for all of its customers.

While the buttons do not guarantee someone a seat or oblige another to give up a seat, they will make it easier for customers with a need that is visible or invisible, or based on age or pregnancy, to request a seat. Not everyone is comfortable asking outright. Proof of need is not required when requesting a button.

Participating in the program is completely voluntary and customers are not required to wear a button to occupy blue priority seats.

Buttons are available from Customer Service Agents and Collector Booths in TTC stations. Wheel-Trans customers will receive a button in their welcome package. The TTC will also mail buttons to customers upon request. See the web page for more information.

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