TTC service to bypass Yonge Station through afternoon rush hour for police investigation

While Toronto Police continue to investigate a tragic death at Yonge Station this morning, TTC service for the rest of the afternoon and through this evening's rush hour will be impacted.

TTC trains will continue to run through Yonge Station east and west bound on Line 2 but will not stop, and customers will not be able to access the Line 2 platform at Bloor-Yonge. Service on Line 1 is not impacted by this investigation and trains will stop at Bloor Station.

The TTC is providing options for customers who normally travel east or west through Bloor-Yonge:
- At Bloor-Yonge, customers will be re-directed to Bay and Sherbourne stations. Wheel Trans buses will be available for those requiring accessible transfer to Line 2.
- Instead of traveling north to Bloor-Yonge, consider taking Line 1 south through the downtown U or take a streetcar at King, Queen, Dundas and College streets to the University side of Line 1. Transfers to Line 2 are available at St. George and Spadina stations.

Customer Service Agents wearing red smocks and TTC staff will be in place at stations on the Yonge side of Line 1 and both inside and outside the Bloor-Yonge interchange to guide and assist customers.

The TTC's GO protocol is in effect at Union Station allowing customers to travel to GO stations within Toronto on a TTC fare.

The TTC will continue to update customers through @TTCNotices on Twitter.

The TTC joins all Torontonians in mourning this loss of life. While still under investigation, incidents of this nature are incredibly rare on the TTC. But the TTC will learn from this tragedy and will review any measures that could further reduce the chances of it happening again.

The TTC takes great pride in offering its customers one of the safest transit experiences in the world. Over the years, the TTC has introduced numerous safety measures including cameras in all stations and on vehicles, the yellow emergency alarm strip and the SafeTTC app.

As always, the TTC will continue to co-operate with police throughout their investigation.

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