TTC’s 2-hour transfer available on PRESTO starting Aug. 26

Starting this Sun., Aug. 26, PRESTO card customers will be able to take advantage of the TTC’s new two-hour transfer to hop on and off the bus, streetcar or subway on one fare as long as they are within a two-hour window.

The new two-hour transfer is only available to PRESTO card customers. Those paying by cash, tickets or tokens will not be able to use the hop on and off feature.

To use the two-hour transfer, PRESTO card customers should tap their card each time they enter a subway station and whenever they board a bus or streetcar. Tapping validates the transfer or monthly pass on the card and will not deduct more than one fare.

In addition to the two-hour transfer, TTC Monthly Passes and 12 Month Passes will be available on PRESTO for all adults, seniors and youths, starting with the September pass. These passes will be available for sale from Aug. 24 until Sept. 5 and will cost the same and provide the same unlimited travel as a regular Metropass or the Metropass Discount Plan (MDP). Moving forward, passes will be available eight days before the end of each month until five days after the start of a new month.

PRESTO is available on all streetcars, buses and at every subway station entrance. New PRESTO Fare Vending Machines are also available at select subway station entrances, making it even easier for customers to buy a PRESTO card, load it with money or a monthly pass and check their balance. By later this fall every station entrance will have at least one PRESTO Fare Vending Machine as well as a Self-Serve Reload Machine.

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