Queen’s Park Station closing early for fare gate construction

Queen’s Park Station will be closing at 10 p.m. for four nights, Dec. 6, 7 and again on Dec. 11 and 12, for fare gate construction. These early closures are necessary to complete the floor work that cannot be done when the station is open.

During these closures, subway trains will pass through the station without stopping. Customers will need to use Museum or St Patrick stations to access the subway.

Queen’s Park is one of four remaining stations out of 24 to undergo fare gate work in this final wave of construction. Union, Sheppard-Yonge and Finch are the remaining stations that will have the new fare gates with PRESTO installed at them over the next five months.

The full fare gate construction schedule is available at ttc.ca and a video (https://youtu.be/leJI7qjtESI) explaining the next wave of fare gate construction is posted on the TTC’s YouTube channel.

Station-specific fact sheets are also posted at ttc.ca. During closures, customer service ambassadors will be in place to assist customers with directions and information.

When the fare gate installation is complete next spring, every subway station and every entrance will have new gates and accept PRESTO. More than 80 entrances have the new fare gates installed.

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