TTC service changes starting Sunday

As summer vacations come to an end, the TTC is introducing service changes to improve service levels and reliability. It also offers some back-to-school reminders for students and caregivers.


Subway service levels will increase in the weekday morning peak period to accommodate demand.

In addition, trains that once travelled only as far as St Clair West Station during the morning peak period - about half of northbound trains on Line 1 - will now go to Glencairn Station before turning back south.  This will increase the number of southbound trains for customers boarding at Glencairn and Eglinton West stations.


With streetcar platform work west of St Clair West Station now complete, streetcars are returning to the portion of the 512 St Clair route that runs between St Clair West Station and Gunns Loop (Keele St.). Buses will continue to run between St Clair and St Clair West stations, as construction continues at those stations until later this fall. 
Customers travelling on a 512 St Clair bus and going west of St Clair West Station will need to transfer to a streetcar to continue their journey. The 512 bus will temporarily loop to and from Oakwood Ave. (via Robina Ave.) in the west, giving customers the option of staying on the bus until Oakwood Ave. or transferring to a streetcar at St Clair West Station or at Bathurst St.


The following changes will take place on bus routes throughout the city:

  • 24E Victoria Park Express: Additional express stops
  • 34 Eglinton East: New branches to improve reliability during Line 5 Eglinton construction
  • 74 Mt Pleasant: Route temporarily extended to Doncliffe to replace 103 Mt Pleasant North during Line 5 Eglinton construction
  • 100 Flemingdon Park: Changes to branches to improve reliability during Line 5 Eglinton construction
  • 102 Markham Rd: Looping direction changes at Steeles Avenue
  • 103 Mt Pleasant North: Route temporarily discontinued, and replaced by extended 74 Mt Pleasant during Line 5 Eglinton construction
  • 131 Nugget: Increased express service
  • 134 Progress: Temporary route change at north end
  • 186 Wilson Rocket: New express stops
  • 191 Highway 27 Rocket: New branches to improve service
  • 195 Jane Rocket: New express stops
  • 307 Bathurst: New route number for 310 Bathurst

Schedule changes will take place on the following routes to help improve service reliability:

  • 7 Bathurst
  • 9 Bellamy
  • 24 Victoria Park
  • 54 Lawrence East
  • 59 Maple Leaf
  • 71 Runnymede
  • 77 Swansea
  • 86 Scarborough

Seasonal route changes and seasonal increases in the hours of service that began in May and June will end after Labour Day on the following routes:

  • 30 Lambton
  • 85 Sheppard East
  • 86 Scarborough
  • 121C Fort York-Esplanade 

For more information on service changes, visit the service changes page at

Back to School:

The TTC reminds everyone of the following as school returns.

Students over 12 years of age can ride the TTC with the following fares:

  • $2 cash fare
  • $9.75 for 5 tickets
  • $112 for monthly Metropass

Children 12 and under ride for free.

Post-Secondary students enrolled full-time at an accredited institution in Toronto are eligible for the Post-Secondary Metropass and must carry the TTC Post-Secondary photo ID when using their Metropass. Photo IDs are available for purchase at the TTC Photo ID Centre at Sherbourne Station or on campus, as some colleges and universities have photo ID days.

The TTC asks all customers travelling on the TTC to remove backpacks when riding, or place them on their lap or on the floor in front of them as a courtesy to fellow customers.

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