TTC buses with PRESTO begin service

Nineteen TTC buses with PRESTO card readers went into service today, marking the start of PRESTO on buses in Toronto.

Over the next eight months, PRESTO card readers will be installed on all 1,900 TTC buses. The rollout will happen garage by garage, starting in the west and moving to the east. A PRESTO-sign will be displayed on buses that have PRESTO readers so customers know if their bus is equipped with PRESTO. All subway stations and buses, including Wheel-Trans, will have PRESTO by the end of this year.

As 2016 is a transition year for the TTC as it moves to eliminate tokens, tickets and passes in favour of PRESTO, customers should have tokens or exact cash available in case a bus with PRESTO is not available on their route. As well, PRESTO customers travelling on buses should always get a paper transfer until the entire bus fleet is equipped with readers.

The bus rollout is one piece of the PRESTO installation happening across the TTC this year. New fare gates with PRESTO are also being installed at all subway stations. Main Street Station was the first to get new fare gates in April, which provide customers with an unobstructed path into the station. Subway stations that already have PRESTO will get new fare gates in 2017.

Wellesley Station, today, became the twenty-eighth station to add PRESTO for its customers. Fare gate construction is underway at Bay, Sherbourne, St Clair, Dufferin, and Dupont stations. Landsdowne, St Clair West, Jane, Old Mill, Royal York, Runnymede and Christie stations will be the next to get PRESTO and new fare gates. Work at all these stations will occur throughout May and June. 

Customers can buy a PRESTO card online at or in person at one of the Gateway Newstands in Bathurst, Spadina, Broadview, Bloor-Yonge and Dundas subway stations; or at the Customer Service Centre at Davisville Station. Pre-loaded cards are also available from TTC Pass Vending Machines at Main Street, Queen's Park and Union Stations.

To learn more about PRESTO on the TTC visit


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