TTC unveils fourth annual Customer Charter

The TTC today unveiled its 2016 Customer Charter with 35 time-bound commitments that include increased accessibility, improved service reliability and customer service. Each year, the TTC’s Customer Charter tracks promises and improvements that benefit customers, while holding the TTC accountable for those promises. The progress against these commitments is reported to the TTC Board quarterly and posted on

“I am pleased to unveil our fourth Customer Charter,” said TTC CEO Andy Byford. “This year, we will deliver a further 35 time-bound promises to address issues that we know matter to customers. Coupled with our ongoing work to modernize all aspects of the TTC and a relentless focus on getting the basics right in our day to day operation, customers will notice a real improvement in their TTC.”

This year’s charter commitments include:

• The 510 Spadina, 509 Harbourfront and 511 Bathurst routes will have new, accessible streetcars
• Additional train service on Line 1 to reduce delays during off-peak hours
• WiFi available at an additional 32 stations
• Ossington Station will become accessible with the installation of two new elevators
• The entire TTC system will be enabled to accept PRESTO fare payments.

“The annual Customer Charter shows the TTC's strong commitment to improving customer service,” said TTC Chair Josh Colle.  “With more accessible stations and streetcars, additional subway service, expansion of WiFi, and PRESTO coming this year, the TTC will continue to provide better service for our loyal customers.”

In addition to the 35 commitments in the 2016 Charter, the TTC will continue to deliver on the positive initiatives that were started with the first Customer Charter in 2013:

• Conducting at least three Meet the Manager sessions per quarter
• Holding an annual TTC Customer Town Hall and an annual TTC Public Forum on Accessible Transit
• Posting the performance of all surface routes on our website so you know how your route is performing
• Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Mystery Shopper Surveys each quarter to better understand how we are performing on issues of importance to you.

The 2016 Customer Charter is online here:

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