TTC Wheel-Trans eligibility expands in 2017

Starting January 1, the TTC’s eligibility criteria for new Wheel-Trans customers are expanding and a new conditional category is being introduced.

To align with the Ontario Human Rights Code and to comply with changes to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), the TTC will accept applications from persons with cognitive, sensory and mental health disabilities in addition to physical disabilities. Services for existing Wheel-Trans customers will not be impacted as a result of this change.

This represents the first time in Wheel-Trans’ 41-year history that eligibility will be extended beyond persons with mobility disabilities to include people who have any disability that prevents them from using conventional transit services.

In addition to the new criteria, the TTC is adding a new category of eligibility called ‘conditional’. This applies to customers with a disability where environmental or physical barriers limit their ability to use conventional transportation services on a regular basis but can do so periodically. The two existing categories – unconditional (permanent) and temporary – are unchanged.

A new application form will be available to prospective customers soon.

The three categories of eligibility as of January 1 are:

  • Unconditional service: For customers with a disability that always prevents them from using TTC’s conventional service. Wheel-Trans door-to-door service will be available for their transportation needs.
  • Conditional service: For customers with a disability that limits the ability to consistently use TTC conventional transit. Customers in this category can use conventional transit for all or part of a trip, but may also qualify for door-to-door service under specific circumstances (e.g., weather, travel to a non-accessible location).
  • Temporary service: For customers with a temporary disability that prevents them from using conventional TTC transit and require Wheel-Trans service for some or all of a trip for a defined period of time. (e.g., knee or hip replacement, eye surgery)
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