TTC installs bicycle repair facilities at 10 subway stations

TTC customers are now able to make minor repairs to their bicycles at select subway stations making it more convenient to complete the first mile/last mile of their trip. TTC Chair Josh Colle unveiled the new self-service bicycle repair stop at Davisville Station, additional stands will be located at 10 subway stations across the system. The pilot program will allow customers to complete minor bicycle repairs while commuting in Toronto.

Repair equipment will be secured by steel cables,  and include, wrenches, Allen keys,screw drivers, a bike pump and wheel chock. All 10 bike repair stops will be in place by the end of September, meeting the TTC’s third quarter Customer Charter commitment to provide customers with modern TTC stations and encourage cycling as a part of the daily commute.

The subway stations with repair stops were chosen based on a number of criteria, including: existing bike parking, number of bike trips taken in the surrounding area, bike routes and trails in the neighbourhood, and the physical space at the station.
The first 10 bike repair stations are at:

• Bathurst
• Davisville
• Downsview
• Dupont
• Finch
• Kipling
• Keele
• Kennedy
• Pape
• Spadina

Download the cycling statistics infographic PDF file Learn more about how to make cycling a part of your journey.

"The TTC is committed to enhancing mobility options in Toronto. By adding bicycle infrastructure at TTC stations and on buses, we've made it easier for our riders to complete the first and last mile legs of their trips. Our new bicycle repair facilities at TTC subway stations will attract new riders and is another example of our commitment to customer service."

-Councillor Josh Colle, TTC Chair

"Like driving a car, regular maintenance is an important part of bicycle riding. Bicycle repair stations increase the visibility of cycling and create more supports for people choosing to ride. By placing bicycle repair stations at 10 TTC subway stations across Toronto, we're further integrating cycling and transit together which enables more people to ride more often."

-Jared Kolb, Executive Director, Cycle Toronto

The TTC has a long-standing partnership with the City and their cycling initiatives. Over the past two decades the TTC and the City have pedaled in unison on numerous initiatives to integrate cycling with public transit, for example:

• All TTC buses have bike racks for one or two bikes as standard equipment.
• New accessible streetcars include two interior spaces for bikes.
• New easier access fare gates make it easier to enter and exit subway stations.
• Increased bike parking at or near subway stations.
• Bike lockers at or near seven subway stations.
• Retrofitted staircases at Pape and Dufferin Stations with customized bike channels.

The TTC is pleased to make biking-and-riding an easier, safer, more secure, more enjoyable and all-round better experience for our cycling customers. This pilot program will be in place for one year to monitor usage, assess product performance and develop a strategy for expansion to additional stations.

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