TTC bike rack changes to buses

Bicycle racks on some Toronto Transit Commission buses are now restricted to carrying one bicycle only to ensure continued safety for TTC operators, customers and all road users.

Last fall, the Ontario Ministry of Labour ordered the TTC to review sight lines as it relates to bike racks on some bus types in its fleet.

This restriction applies to the TTC’s articulated buses (bus numbers 9000 to 9152) and the new Nova 40-foot buses set to arrive later this spring (bus numbers 8400 to 8504). The restricted bike racks are locked and clearly labelled (please photos below). All other TTC buses may still carry two bicycles on the bike racks.

Customers must remove large objects such as baskets or child seats, and loose items, such as water bottles, from bicycles on bike racks, as these accessories may impede visibility and safety. If the item cannot be removed, bus operators can refuse use of the bike rack to ensure their sight lines are not impeded.

In these cases, or if the bike rack is full, bicycles may be brought on board the bus, space permitting and at the operator’s discretion, during off-peak periods. Bus-mounted bike racks can be used any time of day.

Labels on a restricted bicycle rack on a bus.

Notice about removing large or loose objects from bicycle.Notice about restricted bicycle rack.

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