Wi-Fi expands to four more TTC subway stations

The TTC and BAI Canada are pleased to announce that the free Wi-Fi service for TTC customers has been expanded to now include Sherbourne, Castle Frank, Bathurst and Christie subway stations.

With the addition of these stations, Wi-Fi service is now available to customers at all subway stations in the downtown lower loop of Line 1, and on Line 2 from Sherbourne to Christie stations.

BAI Canada has also confirmed its commitment to a full rollout of a Wif-Fi and cellular network across the subway system over the next 20 years, with plans to bring 25 additional stations online by the end of next summer. All stations will be complete by early 2017.  BAI Canada is continuing to work with WIND Mobile to extend cellular service into the additional stations announced today.

The ad-based Wi-Fi and cellular service, branded TCONNECT, comes at no cost to the TTC or its customers since it first launched at Bloor-Yonge Station two years ago.  This month, Twitter Canada is exclusively sponsoring Wi-Fi on the TTC. TTC customers with Twitter accounts will automatically connect, and will remain connected for 12 hours while in TTC stations with Wi-Fi. Those without Twitter accounts will need to create a Twitter account to access the network.

"Having free Wi-Fi in our stations demonstrates our commitment to enhancing the customer experience on the TTC. We look forward to continuing to partner with BAI and Twitter Canada to provide more ways for our subway riders to be connected."
- Councillor Josh Colle, TTC Chair

“TTC riders want more ways to stay connected underground and we are delighted to continue to expand our services. We are also extremely pleased with how riders have embraced cellular service from WIND Mobile.”
- Ken Ranger, CEO, BAI Canada.

"We're excited to be partnering with the TTC to give its riders access to free Wi-Fi this December. Minutes spent in transit are amongst most popular times that Twitter users hop on our platform, so we look forward to keeping Torontonians productive and entertained while in the subway."
- Cam Gordon, Senior Communications Manager, Twitter Canada.

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