TTC fare changes effective January 3, 2016

The TTC is reminding customers that some TTC fares will increase on Jan. 3.

In November, the TTC Board approved a 25 cent increase to the adult cash fare and a 10 cent increase to the cost of a token, as well as a 50 cent increase to Day/Family passes, and a $1.50 increase to both Adult Weekly Passes and Downtown Express Stickers.

The TTC Board also voted to freeze the current price of all Metropasses, as well as the price of all senior and student fares for the first part of 2016.
The new fares are outlined below.

Adult Fares Current Fare New Fare
Cash $3.00 $3.25
Token $2.80 $2.90
PRESTO E-Purse $2.80 $2.90
Weekly Pass $40.75 $42.25
Other Fares
Day Pass/Family Pass/E-Ticket $11.50 $12.00
Downtown Express Sticker $40.00 $41.50


The TTC anticipates carrying 555 million riders in 2016, with an operating budget of $1.7 billion.

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