Proof-of-payment coming to the TTC's 510 spadina route on August 31

The 510 Spadina streetcar route will operate on a proof-of-payment (POP) system beginning this Sunday. All-door boarding on all streetcars on the 510 Spadina line will take effect with the start of service on August 31. In the event of a fare inspection by one of the TTC's new Fare Inspectors, customers will need to show their proof-of-payment (pass, transfer or POP receipt).


Customers will be able to use new fare vending machines and ticket validators located onboard the new streetcars and on-street at the eight busiest stops on the route. Customers riding on the older streetcars will continue to pay at the farebox if they don't have a Metropass or transfer. Here's how the fare payment will work on Spadina.

- Customers boarding the new streetcars can use coins or tokens to purchase a single-ride POP ticket from one of two onboard vending machines. Customers must keep their POP ticket as proof-of-payment and for transferring to intersecting routes or entering stations. The POP ticket acts as a transfer. Riders also have the option to use an on-street vending machine to purchase their fare before boarding.

- Customers boarding the new streetcars with Senior/Student and Child tickets must validate their fare at one of the two smaller, validator machines next to the fare vending machines. A stamped, validated ticket is their proof-of-payment and transfer, which must be deposited in a farebox when transferring to an intersecting route. Customers also have the option of validating their tickets at an on-street machine before boarding.

- Customers boarding the new streetcars with a transfer must keep the transfer handy as proof-of-payment. Fare Inspectors, and additional customer service staff, will be assisting riders with the new fare payment process.


POP has been in effect on the 501 Queen route for several years. The 502 Downtowner and the 503 Kingston Rd streetcars use the POP system while running on Queen Street. The 508 Lake Shore cars use POP while running on Lake Shore Boulevard.

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