Emergency TTC subway track repairs in Davisville area this Saturday, April 12

The Toronto Transit Commission will undertake emergency rehabilitation work to the subway track bed, switches and signals near Davisville Station this Saturday morning, requiring a late opening on a portion of Line 1 (Yonge-University-Spadina) between Bloor and Eglinton stations. This section will open at noon.

Subway service will open as normal Saturday morning at 6 a.m. between Finch and Eglinton stations, and between Bloor and Downsview stations on Line 1. Full service will resume at noon Saturday. Thirty-five shuttle buses will operate between Eglinton and Bloor Stations to bridge service.

The track bed near Davisville Station is 60-years-old and needs to be replaced. While plans to rehabilitate the track in the Davisville area continue to be examined, immediate action is needed to improve reliability of the subway in this area. Customers traveling Line 1 will have noted a deteriorated service the last several weeks. The TTC is committed to correcting this poor service level.

Crews will tamp the ballast (stones) in the open area that support the track in an effort to improve track stability, check all switches, trains stops and signals, making repairs or replacing equipment as required. While routine, crews will also perform leaf and debris removal in the area to reduce the risk of track fires that can cause significant delays. This work will begin at the close of service Friday and continue through the night and into Saturday until at noon.


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