Corporate Plan sets 5-year path to transform the TTC

The Toronto Transit Commission made public its inaugural Corporate Plan – a plan that will guide North America’s third largest transit system through the next five years as it transforms and modernizes to become a transit system that makes Toronto proud.

TTC Corporate Plan pdf

The plan features seven strategic objectives:

- Safety - a transit system that manages its risks, that protects its customers, contractors and employees, and that minimizes its impact on the environment.

- Customer – a transit system that values customers and provides services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

- People – An empowered, customer-focused workforce that values teamwork, pride in a job well done, and an organization that actively develops its employees.

- Assets – Effective, efficient management of assets that delivers reliable services in a state of good repair. 

- Growth – An affordable expansion program that matches capacity to demand.

- Financial Sustainability – A well run, transparent business that delivers value for money in a financially viable way.

- Reputation – An organization that is transparent and accountable, well regarded by stakeholders and peers, and in which employees are proud to play a part.


Last year, the TTC underwent a re-organization, distinguishing separate back- and front-of-house activities to ensure a primary focus on the customer. As well, the TTC established, and began publishing, key performance indicators to measure how well it is performing, but also where improvement is required. The TTC also laid out vision and mission statements, something the organization lacked.

We have embarked on a five-year journey to completely modernize the TTC and thereby transform our reputation,” said TTC CEO Andy Byford. “We have already reorganized to put the customer at the centre of everything we do and to make our company more transparent and accountable.”

This week, the TTC executive introduced the Corporate Plan to the company’s supervisors and managers. Over the next several weeks, Byford and his team will meet with TTC employees in every work location, ensuring all 12,500 staff are familiar with the plan, but also understand and buy-in to the change required to modernize the TTC.

“We now need to transform our culture, renew our equipment and update our processes,” continued Byford. “This plan represents a sea change in the way the TTC is managed and the way it interacts with employees, customers and stakeholders alike. I am confident that with this plan and all of our efforts, we will transform the TTC and deliver on our vision of a transit system that makes Toronto proud.”

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