TTC Pape Station closure postponed due to labour dispute

The Toronto Transit Commission’s planned June 15-26 closure of Pape Station has been postponed due to a labour disruption involving the Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Guild of Ontario that began last Friday, May 31. The tradespeople are responsible for completing all finishes in the station, including wall tiles, floors and stairs, key components of the work that was to be completed during the closure.

The TTC had planned to close the station for 12, uninterrupted days starting next Saturday to advance the completion of the station, which is undergoing modernization. This labour dispute does not involve TTC workers or the unions that represent them. Work not involving this trade will continue at the station. A decision on closing Pape in the future will be made once the labour dispute is resolved.

Wall tiles, ceilings, stairs and a new bus platform were critical parts of the work that was to be expedited over the course of the planned closure. Final elevator installation, landscaping and bike parking was to be finished by September. Finally, a new second exit was to be completed by the end of this year.

"While this development is both disappointing and frustrating, we remain committed to our modernization plans, as well as our Customer Charter commitment of completing Pape Station by the end of this year," said TTC CEO Andy Byford. "We are hopeful that this labour dispute - one that is completely beyond our control - is resolved quickly, allowing us to complete Pape, adding yet one more station to the list of TTC facilities that are fully-accessible to all of our customers."

The TTC surveyed customers, residents and local businesses on their preferred option to advance completion of construction at the station, including a 12-day closure, six weekend closures or not closing the station at all. The majority of those who responded to the online survey preferred that the TTC close the station for 12 days.

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