TTC statement on report by City Ombudsman

The City Ombudsman, Fiona Crean, has released a report regarding the use of CCTV cameras on board Toronto Transit Commission Wheel-Trans vehicles, which will be considered by City Council at their meeting on July 16.

The report focuses on the use of CCTV, when driven by complaint, in determining if a Wheel-Trans customer ought to have their eligibility reviewed under Wheel-Trans’ “Questionable Rider Program.”

As per protocol, TTC staff had an opportunity to review the report and provide a response, which is contained in Appendix C of the report. The TTC accepts the recommendations in the report and thanks the Ombudsman for her investigation. TTC staff will attend the meeting of City Council next week and address questions there, followed by questions from the media. No further statement will be made until that time.


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