TTC prepares for winter storm

The Toronto Transit Commission is reminding customers to give themselves plenty of extra time tomorrow morning with a snowfall warning in effect overnight.

- In the subway system, 50% of trains will be kept in tunnels overnight to prevent delays running out of the subway yards in the morning.

- In open-cut areas of the subway, including the SRT, “storm trains” will apply a de-icing agent to the power rail as trains run back and forth to prevent the build-up of snow and ice.

- On streetcar routes, “storm cars” run throughout the city, crossing every switch, track and loop to prevent potential freezing of switches.


Motorists are reminded to not park their cars next to snow banks where they may block the streetcar tracks. TTC and parking enforcement staff be out in force to aggressively tow vehicles where necessary.

TTC customers can take advantage of TTC service advisories by registering for e-Services, following us on Twitter @TTCnotices, visiting our website, or checking their next vehicle arrival time at

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