Reminder: TTC's Pape Station to close Aug. 19-30

In order to accelerate the construction work at the TTC's Pape Station, the station will be closed from Aug. 19-30 inclusive. The station will re-open on Sat., Aug. 31.

During the closure, subway trains will not stop at Pape Station. Announcements on board trains will advise customers of the changes to bus routings that normally serve the station. The bus diversions are as follows:

- 72 Pape: northbound buses will operate to Broadview Station via Danforth Ave. On its return trip, it will travel north on Broadview Ave., east on Mortimer Ave., then south on Pape Ave. and back to route.

- 81 Thorncliffe Park: buses will use Donlands Station, via Pape Ave. and Danforth Ave.

- 25 Don Mills: buses will operate to and from Donlands Station, via Donlands Ave.


Customers who normally start their subway trip at Pape Station can board an 81 Thorncliffe Park bus across the street from the Pape Station entrance and ride to Donlands Station, or board a 72 Pape bus at the northwest corner of Danforth Ave. and Pape Ave., and ride to Broadview Station. Customers who normally end their trip at Pape Station can exit the train at Broadview Station and take a 72 Pape bus to Pape Ave., or exit at Donlands Station and take an 81 Thorncliffe Park bus to Pape Ave.

During the closure, work will be accelerated on floors, stairs, finishes, ceilings and the new bus waiting area. Elevators, bike parking and landscaping will be fully completed in October. By December, the second exit will be completed.

View the video about the Pape Station closure on the TTC’s YouTube channel. Additional information is available at

This afternoon, TTC managers, including CEO Andy Byford, will hold a "Meet the Managers" session at Pape Station from 5 - 6 p.m., in advance of the closure that starts on Mon., Aug. 19.

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