TTC introduces the “personal car”

The Toronto Transit Commission today announced a new customer service initiative called the “personal car.”

Customers frequently report irksome behaviours of their fellow riders on the subway, such as wearing bulky backpacks, putting feet on seats, bags on seats, eating meals, playing loud music and personal grooming. They have asked the TTC to address the issue and to make it stop.

The TTC created this special explainer video about the “personal car” This is an external site and will open in a new window.  on  YouTube.

The TTC could have created an ad campaign to lecture, cajole, and hector those whose behaviours, while riding the TTC, are less than considerate. Instead, it produced this video on April Fool’s Day to help drive home some important points (in a light-hearted manner) about the need for greater consideration of others while taking public transit.

So, no, the “personal car” is not real, not even until noon today, April 1. But the TTC does, in all sincerity, encourage its customers to consider others today and every day while riding the TTC.

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