TTC tackles train cleanliness, litter

Toronto Transit Commission Chair Karen Stintz and Deputy Chief General Manager, Andy Byford, shared details of a new program today at Kennedy Station where TTC workers board subway trains, clearing them of litter before they head back into service. After the morning rush hour at terminal stations (Kennedy and Finch), crews will go through each car and remove newspapers, coffee cups and other litter left behind. Additionally, crews will do spot mopping where needed.

The TTC also announced that cleaning crews will now walk through trains while in service between College and Osgoode Stations to collect litter where ridership is at its highest. This will occur between rush hour periods.

In addition to a more customer-friendly and positive TTC experience for the 1.6 million customers the TTC carries each day, less litter, especially newspapers, offers the added benefit of reducing the number of ‘smoke at track level’ delays the TTC encounters. Paper left behind can blow to track level and ignite, posing a significant fire hazard. Smoke or fire in tunnels is extremely dangerous, and while most fires extinguish themselves quickly, the resulting smoke requires the TTC to halt service until it can be assured it is safe to proceed, causing delays across a line.

The TTC is taking a number of steps to reduce the hazard of track level fires, but is appealing to customers to aid in this effort by taking their litter with them when leaving the system. Garbage receptacles are in all subway stations and on all subway platforms.

The TTC is continuing its efforts to ensure cleaner stations and vehicles, in addition to other initiatives, such as remodeled public washrooms. Customers have shared their opinions and concerns with TTC staff around general cleanliness in the system. The TTC is listening and taking action.

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