TTC partners with Ryerson University for customer service study

The Toronto Transit Commission, in partnership with Ryerson University, today announced a new research study that will reveal how customers view TTC service. As part of the study, nearly 300,000 customer complaints, compliments and suggestions gathered by the TTC’s Customer Service Centre over the past 10 years will be analyzed.

A team of academics from Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, led by Professors Murtaza Haider and Roy Morley, will use email, phone and internet records to determine why and how customers felt dissatisfaction with TTC services, how complaints were investigated, and what strategies the TTC can undertake to limit recurring complaints.

“I am very pleased that the TTC and Ryerson University have come together on this groundbreaking initiative,” said TTC Chief Customer Officer Chris Upfold. “We look forward to using the research to tailor our customer service approach and deliver better results.”

“The TTC is proud to partner with Ryerson University, an institution known for its innovative research,” said TTC Chief Executive Officer Andy Byford. “This is just the latest example of our commitment to transparency and our continued efforts to improve the customer experience for the 1.6 million people who use our service every day.”

“This analysis will allow TTC to learn from commuters’ responses and take customer care to a new level in public transit operations,” said Haider, one of the co-investigators. “This research will also bring transit operation planning closer to commuter needs.”

“Our goal is to conduct a full analysis of this data and provide the TTC with additional opportunities for improvements in their customer service,” added Morley, a co-investigator and member of the TTC’s 2010 Customer Service Advisory Panel. “This is a very exciting research project for us.”

The study, to be submitted to a forthcoming academic journal for publication, will be completed in September 2012 and presented to the TTC in the fall.

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