TTC will not mail July Metropass due to Canada Post disruptions

The Toronto Transit Commission today announced it will not mail the July Metropass to its 48,000 Metropass Discount Plan (MDP) subscribers due to ongoing labour disruptions at Canada Post. This decision does not impact organizations and institutions participating in the Volume Incentive Pass (VIP) program.

The TTC advises its MDP customers – adult and senior/student Metropass subscribers who receive their passes in the mail – to purchase their July Metropass at a subway station collector booth, pass vending machine, or at one of more than 1,000 authorized fare media sellers across the city.

The TTC will not debit customers’ bank accounts for pre-authorized MDP payments in July. Instead, it will automatically credit all MDP subscribers’ bank accounts $10 for each pass that would normally be mailed – the difference between the MDP price of a Metropass and the cost of a monthly pass typically purchased at a subway station or from an authorized fare media seller.

With continuing labour disruptions at Canada Post, mailing the July Metropass made it uncertain that passes would reach TTC customers in time for use next month. Additional Metropasses will be distributed to station collectors, pass vending machines and authorized fare media sellers for the month of July. Metropasses will go on sale June 20.

The Metropass Discount Plan allows TTC customers to sign up for a 12-month period, with pre-authorized payments made each month. The Metropass is then mailed via Canada Post. Adult Metropasses sell for $121, and student/senior passes sell for $99. Under the Metropass Discount Plan, adult Metropasses sell for $111 each month, and senior/student passes sell for $89.

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