TTC eco-friendly facts for your clean-air commute on June 8

TTC customers are making every day a clean-air day in Toronto. In recognition of National Clean Air Day, today, Wednesday, June 8, here are some fast facts to consider on your next transit trip:


• Each work day, more than 1.5 million customers ride the system, which results in nearly one million fewer trips by car – that equals less greenhouse gas emissions.
• In 2010, the TTC set an all-time record of 477.3 million rides, surpassing 2009’s record of 471.2 million.
• In 2010, the TTC operated 694 diesel/electric hybrid buses. Hybrid buses make up close to 40 per cent of the fleet.
• More than 97 per cent of the TTC bus fleet is equipped with bicycle racks.
• The TTC’s 30 commuter parking lots (nearly 14,000 spaces) help to shorten car trips, and attract commuters onto public transit.
• Estimated number of cars that a TTC vehicle replaces during a typical morning rush hour:
- Bus: 45
- CLRV: 65
- ALRV: 95
- SRT train (four cars): 195
- Subway train (six cars): 890

[Figures are based on TTC loading standards for each mode divided by a.m. rush average automobile occupancy (1.12) for inbound trips to the city of Toronto.]


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