TTC budget: Commission restores some service, 10-cent fare increase approved

The Toronto Transit Commission, yesterday, approved the TTC’s 2012 operating, capital and Wheel-Trans budgets, including a 10-cent fare increase effective Jan. 1, 2012. A 10-cent fare increase provides the TTC with $30 million in revenue needed to balance the 2012 operating budget.

The Commission also passed a motion by TTC Chair Karen Stintz to retain current service levels into January, with no change in the TTC’s crowding standards, until February 2012. In February, TTC staff will adjust service to reflect the 2012 budget, but maintain current crowding standards during peak periods on some routes using savings from the price of diesel fuel next year. The TTC’s 10-year capital budget will be adjusted to purchase new buses for 2013 to ensure the service adjustments approved yesterday can be met in future years at a cost of $45 million.

The Commission also approved, in principle, annual 10-cent fare increases over the next three years as part of a multi-year financing strategy to provide certainty to future budgets. In addition, the TTC will continue to find efficiencies and savings inside the organization, as it has done this year, as well as continue to work with the City to secure long-term, sustainable funding from both the provincial and federal governments. Up until the mid-1990s, the province of Ontario, for example, paid 50% of the TTC’s operating budget subsidy. Predictable subsidy levels are critical in allowing the TTC to effectively plan service for North America’s third largest transit system.

The TTC’s 2012 operating budget is $1.5 billion. More than 70% of the budget is paid for through fares. The balance is paid almost exclusively through subsidy by Toronto property taxpayers.

The Commission also approved the TTC’s Wheel-Trans operating budget, but passed a motion giving six months notice regarding the provision of service to ambulatory dialysis patients. TTC staff recommended that the exception currently in place for dialysis patients who wouldn’t otherwise be eligible for Wheel-Trans service, be removed in 2012 for a savings of $5 million. The Commission agreed that the service is better paid for by the provincial Ministry of Health. TTC staff will continue working with the province to find a funding solution. No new ambulatory dialysis customers will be accepted.

Effective Jan. 1 until Jan. 31, 2012, students and seniors with old tickets will be required to supplement their fare with 10 cents; child tickets will require an additional five cents. Token vending machines will be adjusted to sell three tokens using a $10 bill, with $2.20 provided as change, and seven tokens using a $20 bill, with $1.80 provided as change.

Fare Schedule - 10-cent fare increase



Current Fare

New Fare



$3.00 (unchanged)




Weekly Pass



Regular Metropass



VIP Tier 1 (50-249)



VIP Tier 2 (250-499)



VIP Tier 3 (500+)






Post Secondary Student Metropass










$2.00 (unchanged)




Weekly Pass



Regular Metropass













$0.75 (unchanged)






Day Pass



GTA Pass (TTC Portion)



GTA Pass (Non-TTC Portion)



GTA Weekly Pass



Downtown Express Sticker



January Metropasses will be on sale on December 17 at the new prices.

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