TTC unveils first Subway Information Screen for customers

Toronto Transit Commission Chair Adam Giambrone today unveiled the TTC’s first Subway Information Screen at Dundas West Station.

The Subway Information Screens are designed to improve TTC customer communications by providing information on the status of the subway, surface routes at that station, and other important information needed before entering the system and paying a fare.

“These information screens are part of the TTC’s ongoing enhancements to customer communications. They were also a recommendation of the Customer Service Advisory Panel,” said TTC Chair Adam Giambrone. “Our riders need to know the status of the subway, for example, before paying a fare. The installation of Station Information Screens is a further step in the use of technology to provide TTC customers with key transit information.”

Onestop Media Group (“Onestop”) has worked in partnership with the TTC since 2005 to develop one of the world’s most innovative, real-time, transit customer communications systems. Together, Onestop and the TTC have provided TTC customers an information and entertainment platform that 96% of TTC customers (via intercept surveys) consider a valued component of their daily commute.  Innovation is at the centre of what the TTC and Onestop have accomplished to date, and Onestop is very pleased to be part of the TTC’s continued expansion of information, all at no cost to the TTC.

The Subway Information Screens will display various types of information, including:

  • Station name
  • Bus and streetcar routes that service that station
  • E-alerts on the screen’s ticker
  • Full-screen over-rides in the event of a major subway disruption
  • Planned route diversion affecting the station
  • Last train departure times at the station
  • Safety and marketing information

All 69 subway stations will be equipped with this new customer information feature by the end of 2011.

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