The Toronto Transit Commission has initiated a Transit Project Assessment for the Ashbridges Bay Maintenance and Storage Facility

The TTC has issued a ‘Notice of Commencement’ for a Transit Project Assessment of the Ashbridges Bay Maintenance and Storage Facility.  The Transit Project Assessment is being undertaken by the City of Toronto and TTC. This assessment will study the environmental impact of the facility and connection tracks on Leslie Street from Queen Street to Commissioners Street. 

This facility will support the 204 new streetcars that the TTC will start taking delivery of in 2013.  The TTC strives to maintain clean, reliable streetcars for the safety, convenience and comfort of our customers. Two existing facilities will be modified to store 52 vehicles at each location. In addition to routine maintenance activities, the Ashbridges facility will store 100 vehicles and provide fleet repair services for up to 20 vehicles at a time.

  • The new streetcars will be accessible, so parents pushing strollers and people using wheelchairs will have step-free access into the streetcar
  • They will hold almost double the number of passengers as the current streetcars and have more doors to enter the vehicle
  • The vehicles will use a proof-of-payment system so that more people can move quickly during rush hour
  • The new streetcars will provide a quieter ride and during the summer months offer air conditioned comfort

A public ‘Notice of Study Completion’ will be issued within 120 days, at which time the Environmental Project Report will be completed and posted publicly for a 30 day review period.

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