TTC launches expansion of next vehicle arrival system

The Toronto Transit Commission today launched the expansion of the next vehicle arrival system.  Toronto Mayor David Miller and TTC Chair Adam Giambrone unveiled the first transit shelter next vehicle arrival sign at the streetcar platform at Broadview Station. The sign’s solar powered energy source is being assessed for use and installation at other transit shelters.

The Next Vehicle Arrival System will enable TTC customers to find out when their next bus or streetcar will arrive.  This information will appear on either flat-screen LCD monitors at subway stations, or via LED screens mounted at transit shelters and subway station streetcar/bus bays. The Next Vehicle Arrival System uses Global Positioning System (GPS) software to determine the location of vehicles while they are in service.  A software application uses this location information to predict vehicle arrival times at bus/streetcar stops.  The location information is then sent to the appropriate sign on the route. The TTC fleet of 248 streetcars have been retrofitted with the GPS system. The 1,782 bus fleet continues to be retrofitted, with completion in early 2011.

The initial pilot system was launched in 2008 at Spadina and Union stations with a focus on the streetcar service.  The roll-out for the bus network is scheduled for 2011 to coincide with the GPS retrofit.

The expansion of the system includes LED displays located at the following transit shelters and subway stations:

  • Dundas/Spadina
  • King/Bathurst
  • King/Spadina
  • Queen/Spadina
  • Bathurst/Adelaide
  • Broadview Station
  • Dundas West Station
  • Spadina Station
  • Union Station

The expansion also includes LCD displays located at the following transit shelters and subway stations:

  • Broadview Station
  • Main Street Station
  • Bathurst Station
  • St. Clair Station
  • Spadina Station
  • Union Station

LED and LCD signs will continue to be installed at additional transit shelters and subway stations throughout 2010.  In addition, customers will be able to use SMS text messaging technology to obtain next vehicle arrival information at all 800 streetcar stops beginning in mid 2010, and all bus stops in early 2011.

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