TTC staff to recommend 2010 fare increase to Commission

As part of its 2010 Operating Budget submission, Toronto Transit Commission staff will propose to its Commission a 2010 fare increase at its Nov. 17 meeting. If approved by the Commission, a fare increase will come into affect on Jan. 3, 2010. The last TTC fare increase was in 2007.

The TTC’s proposed 2010 Operating Budget is $1.4 billion. Approximately 70% of the TTC’s revenue comes from fares. The balance of its operating dollars comes through a subsidy from the City of Toronto, as well as revenue generated from other sources, such as advertising and commuter parking.

The proposed fare increase will see a change in adult fares of 25 cents whereby tokens will cost $2.50 each. Student and senior fares will increase by 15 cents, and children’s fares will increase by 5 cents.

The TTC is also proposing a fare increase to its passes. The price of a Metropass is based on the number of trips used by pass holders each month. TTC staff is recommending increasing that trip rate from its current 48, to 50 trips.

If the proposed fare increase is approved, the TTC will realize an additional $62 million in revenue in 2010. Service levels for 2010 will be preserved and maintained at 2009 levels. As well, TTC staff will continue to review efficiencies in advance of presenting its Operating Budget on Nov. 17.

Staff recommended fare increases:


Current Fare

Proposed Fare


Cash $2.75 $3.00
Token $2.25 $2.50
Weekly Pass $32.25 $36.00
Regular Metropass $109.00 $126.00
VIP $96.00 $111.00
MDP $100.00 $116.00


Cash $1.85 $2.00
Ticket $1.50 $1.65
Weekly Pass $25.50 $28.00
Regular Metropass $91.25 $104.00
MDP $84.00 $95.00


Cash $0.70 $0.75
Ticket $0.50 $0.55


$9.00 $10.00

GTA Pass (TTC Portion)

$25.30 $29.25



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