Additional information regarding TTC Metropass activation stickers

The Toronto Transit Commission is introducing new security features to its Metropass, Weekly Pass and GTA Weekly Pass in an effort to thwart an increase in counterfeiting, starting in July.

One of the added features is an activation sticker that must be removed before it can be used as valid fare on the TTC.

When the sticker is removed, a thin film is left behind on the pass where the sticker was located. Customers who have already received their July pass have noticed this film and have inquired about its presence and whether or not it should be removed. The film should NOT be removed. Doing so leaves a glue residue that gathers dirt and other particles which will then partially obscure the hologram that has been added to passes to prevent counterfeiting.

The activation sticker is designed so it cannot be re-applied to the pass, indicating to the TTC that the pass has been used and, therefore, cannot be returned by authorized ticket agents for a refund.

See the June 3, 2009 New-look TTC passes designed to thwart counterfeiters news release.

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