TTC proposes ten-minute service all day, every day for key bus routes

Toronto Transit Commission staff, today, released a report that will be considered at the Aug. 26 Commission meeting entitled “Transit City Bus Plan.” The report proposes improved service and reliability on its city-wide bus network, including service every 10 minutes all day, every day on 21 key bus routes.

In addition, the plan outlines improved bus service to every 20 minutes in 2011 and 2012 on all other routes, up from the current 30 minutes. Working with the City of Toronto’s Transportation Service Department, the plan also proposes an increase in transit signal priority at 1,150 intersections, as well as an additional 10 queue jump lanes at busy intersections. New and improved express service will also be introduced on many routes. The TTC operates 139 bus routes across the city. Last November, the TTC introduced the single largest increase in bus service to its network with 30 minute or better bus service, matching subway hours, seven-days-a-week.

While transit service continues to expand with light rail lines on Sheppard, Finch and Eglinton Avenues, as well as the extension of the Spadina subway, north to York Region, the TTC’s bus network is an integral part of transit in Toronto. More than half of all TTC customers ride a bus on at least part of their trip. Virtually every bus route operated by the TTC feeds a subway/RT station. Enhancing the bus network for customers will ensure riderhsip continues to grow, making transit a viable option over the private automobile.

The “Transit City Bus Plan” is a long-term plan, with implementation over the next five years and beyond, adding an additional 8 million trips per year. The plan calls for capital investment with the City of $77 million between 2010 and 2014, as well as an increase in operational expenses of $52 million by 2015 to ensure TTC customers have reliable transit service, regardless of where they live in Toronto.

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