TTC gets cleaner during 20-minute makeover

TTC Chair Adam Giambrone and Senior TTC staff rolled up their sleeves and did their part to make the TTC and Toronto a little cleaner during the Mayor’s annual 20-minute makeover. Giambrone and TTC staff cleaned up litter left behind on subway trains at Finch Station.

It happens each and every day – whether it’s newspapers, pop cans, coffee cups or lunch bags – some TTC riders leave their garbage behind, creating an unsightly and unhealthy mess for their fellow riders.

The TTC would like to remind its customers to please use the recycling containers located throughout the subway system, on subway station platforms and at mezzanine level.

Every night, all buses, streetcars and subway vehicles are cleaned.  Previously, this material was placed into a waste container and deposited as waste. Previous audits indicated that on average, 75% of the material from the vehicle clean operations was recyclable. As such, employees are now instructed to place recyclables in one bin and waste material in another bin.  This program has been very successful, diverting over 3100 metric tonnes since its launch.

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