Transit Special Constables Arrest TTC Employee

Transit Special Constables, last night, arrested a TTC Collector at Wilson Station for selling and possessing forged TTC adult tickets. Toronto Police Service has charged the employee with a number of criminal offenses, including fraud, theft, breach of trust, and possession of instruments of forgery.

As a result of a series of ongoing investigations over the last several months, TTC staff had already prepared a report for next week’s Commission meeting recommending the elimination of adult tickets.

The TTC has seen an increase in counterfeit ticket use, costing the TTC – and Toronto taxpayers – $300,000 - $400,000 a month in lost revenue. Commissioners will consider this recommendation, and additional measures to verify legitimate fares, at its June 18 meeting. If approved, adult ticket sales would end in September.

Approximately 65 million adult tickets were used last year, representing 15 per cent of TTC fares.

Tokens, as well as tickets for seniors, students and children will continue to be sold and accepted by the TTC. Fares remain unchanged; the adult cash fare is $2.75. Tokens cost $22.50 for 10, or $2.25 per trip.

Anyone who has purchased adult tickets from any TTC collector booth in the last week is asked to check their tickets’ serial numbers for the following series: A7731069-A7731072 and A7660481-A7660484. If someone believes they are in possession of one of these tickets, they are asked to contact Detective Constable Devereux of Toronto Police Service, 32 Division Fraud Office at 416-808-3207.

For any other concerns or about forged TTC tickets, customers should call Crimestoppers at 416-222-TIPS.

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