Vehicles will be towed if streetcar tracks blocked

The Toronto Transit Commission asks motorists parked on Toronto roads that share streetcar tracks, to ensure they park safely and close enough to the curb to allow for the safe movement of streetcars.

With upwards of 20cm of snow forecast for Friday, combined with high winds, ploughed and blown snow at curbs may make safe parking difficult for some automobiles. The TTC will be working closely with the Toronto Police Service’s parking enforcement unit to tow any vehicle that impedes the ability of a streetcar to move along its route in a safe and timely manner.

The TTC takes several steps to ensure riders get to their destinations quickly and safely when extreme winter weather is forecast. Storm and ant-icing trains will be used tonight in open areas of the subway system to ensure the power rail and tracks remain clear of snow. As well, heaters ensure snow does not accumulate on, or cause the freezing of, critical switch and signalling equipment.

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