TTC Anxious to Resume Service

The Toronto Transit Commission is anxious to get back to work and resume service for the 1.5 million people who use the TTC everyday.

The TTC met with the Ministry of Labour this afternoon. It then heard from the Amalgamated Transit Union, through the Ministry of Labour, and a considerable number of amendments to the already-negotiated settlement were proposed to end the strike. The TTC considered these demands, but they were significantly different from, and more expensive than what was tentatively agreed to last Sunday. The union was informed of this; they then indicated no further discussion would be productive.

The provincial government will now consider legislation, tomorrow, to end the strike. If the legislation passes, the TTC plans to resume regular rush-hour service Monday morning.

The Toronto Transit Commission requests the public to please remember that TTC employees have a right to be treated with dignity. The TTC shares the public's frustration with the lack of TTC service this weekend; however, its workers' safety is paramount.

NOTE: Unless there is news to report, there will be no further media updates from the TTC until tomorrow.

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