Open House for Warden Station Parking Replacement Project

Later this year, the TTC will start construction at Warden Station which will result in the replacement of the existing North Commuter Parking Lot with a new commuter parking lot. The new lot will be constructed south-east of the existing station within the Hydro corridor. A new automatic entrance building will connect the existing concourse to provide access from the new parking lot.

Key improvements will include:

  • Two access roads will provide access to the new parking lot.
  • An automatic entrance building will provide access from the new parking lot. The automatic entrance building will comprise of a set of stairs, an elevator and a concourse to connect with the existing station concourse.
  • An elevator in the existing station will provide accessibility from theconcourse to the platform.
  • A recreational trail will be provided with trees on both sides.
  • A privacy fence will be provided as a screen between adjacent homes and the recreational trail along property line.
  • The intersections at St. Clair Avenue East and Santamonica Blvd., and Warden Avenue and New City Road will be signalized.

The purpose of this public open house is to present the design of the new commuter parking lot and to provide information regarding impacts during construction.


Thursday, April 24, 2008, 7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Community Living Toronto, 50 Fairfax Crescent (north of Warden Avenue and St. Clair Avenue East)


TTC Staff

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