Filming on TTC property

Filming/photographic opportunities on the TTC

1. Filming on TTC property

There are great locations on the TTC to make your filming project a success. Stations such as Bay Lower can be used during regular revenue service, exclusively with your own train, making the whole process more film-friendly.

The TTC is symbolic of Toronto and of city life. It serves the city with an extensive network of subways, streetcar lines, bus routes and a specialized service for people with disabilities. TTC has been featured in many television commercials, documentaries as well as worldwide distributed feature films. With over 69 subway stations spread over four lines there is a variety of characteristic design throughout the system.

Tourists, families and individuals filming or photographing within the public areas of the transit system for non-commercial purposes, are not expected to contact the TTC to obtain permission or a permit so long as such filming/photographing does not interfere with the safe and orderly operation of the transit system and/or our customers.

Thank you for your interest in filming on TTC property. Please review the Cost Schedule and sample Agreement Letter to assist you with your submission for filming/photographing on TTC property. For further information contact the TTC Film Liaison, by calling 416-393-3764.

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