Claims for lien

Where to submit claims for lien.

As of October 1, 2019, Claims for Lien (Form 12) under the Construction Act against premises owned by Toronto Transit Commission must be completed and submitted electronically through the City of Toronto’s website available at Claim for Lien at The electronic form at Claim for Lien Submission at includes the same fields and information as found on the paper copy of the Claim for Lien (Form 12).  See for more details.

In the event of a web outage

In the event of an outage, a City of Toronto email address will be posted for users to submit a claim for lien. This City of Toronto email address will only be a valid method to give a claim for lien to the Toronto Transit Commission during an outage.


On the day that s. 34(3.1) of the Construction Act comes into force (currently, Oct. 1, 2019), where the owner of the premises is a municipality, the claim for lien (Form 12) shall be given to the clerk of the municipality. Ontario Regulation 304/18, as amended by Ontario Regulation 112/19, made under the Construction Act, allows a municipality to choose a mandatory method by which the claim for lien (Form 12) shall be given under s. 34(3.1).

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