Property Development

TTC staff work with property owners that are constructing adjacent to TTC infrastructure to preserve the safe, secure and uninterrupted operation of the transit system during and after construction.

Development & Construction near TTC Infrastructure


Below-Grade Work and Site Investigations

All property owners are required to contact Ontario One Call, of which TTC is a member, prior to conducting any work below-grade, including site investigations. If the proposed work is within 60 metres of TTC infrastructure, a TTC Technical Review may also be required to mitigate the risk of damage to TTC infrastructure. For more information, please refer to the TTC Developer’s Guide.

Technical Reviews

Any development and/or construction activities located within 60 metres of existing or planned TTC infrastructure or rights-of-way must undergo a TTC Technical Review.
The Technical Review ensures the following:

1. The activity does not negatively impact TTC’s infrastructure;
2. Developments are designed and constructed to protect the safety of TTC customers, construction workers, TTC employees and the public;
3. Limits the risk of damage to TTC infrastructure during construction;
4. Protects existing and future transit operations and maintenance;
5. Existing and future transit property requirements are protected/secured.

For more information on the process and applicable fees, please refer to the TTC Request for Review Level Form and TTC Developer’s Guide.

Entrance Connections

TTC encourages additional connections from third party developments to our transit network. Connections make accessing transit easier. Property owners proposing to connect their development to a transit station will be required to undergo the TTC Technical Review process. All new entrance connections must be accessible, reviewed by the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit (ACAT) and receive TTC Board approval. For more information on this process and applicable fees, please refer to the TTC Entrance Connection Guide and the accompanying Entrance Connection Requirements Index.

Contact Us

When a Technical Review is required, property owners or their agents are strongly encouraged to contact TTC staff and/or initiate a Request for Review Level as early as possible in the development process to understand the requirements, timelines, and fees.

For property and development inquiries, or to submit a Request for Review Level Form to TTC’s Development Review Team, please contact the Development Officer at 416-570-2592.

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