2014 Public Forum on Accessible Transit

Event Summary

7th Annual Public Forum on Accessible Transit

On September 17, 2014, the TTC and the TTC’s Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit (ACAT) jointly held the seventh annual Public Forum on Accessible Transit at the Queen Elizabeth Exhibit Hall at Exhibition Place. This meeting is held annually to hear directly from the public about the accessibility of conventional TTC and door-to-door (Wheel-Trans) services. Approximately 350 people attended.

Several TTC departments displayed information boards between 6:00pm and 7:00pm highlighting recent accessibility improvements and plans for the continued improvement of transit in Toronto. The information provided  facilitated discussions between TTC customers and TTC management, staff, and ACAT members. The Open Public Forum, held from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, provided the opportunity for customers to speak publicly and candidly about their experiences on the TTC, and to provide feedback, concerns and other comments to TTC Board Chair Maria Augimeri, ACAT Chair Susan Davidson, and a panel of TTC management which included Andy Byford, Chief Executive Officer; Chris Upfold, Chief Customer Officer; Mitch Stambler, Head of Strategy and Service Planning; and Kirsten Watson, Senior Manager of Wheel-Trans.


The 2014 Public Forum on Accessible Transit introduction slides and the 2014 Public Forum on Accessible Transit presentation  are available.

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The 2014-2018 TTC Multi-Year Accessibility Plan summarizes the TTC’s current activities to improve the accessibility of its facilities and services.

The 2013 Public Forum on Accessible Transit page summarizes issues raised during the 2013 Public Forum and staff responses.

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