Wheel-Trans Operating Procedures

Below is a summary of the accessibility issues raised by customers during the meeting, on comment forms, and in comments to TTC Customer Service regarding Wheel-Trans Operating Procedures. Customer comments are accompanied by a summary of the current status of each issue.

Issue: Wheel-Trans booking/phone wait-times

“Make booking ride by phone easier, and less waiting on the phone.”
“More (customer service agents) because It takes too long to talk to a person when you call.”


All available resources are being used. Wheel-Trans continues to look at ways to increase its efficiency and resources. In addition to calling Reservations, Customers can also use the automated “RideLine” telephone service or the online service. Changes were recently made to the phone system to allow more calls into the queue. In addition, the policy to accept bookings seven days in advance of the date of the trip has reduced the 7am peak demand.

Issue: Wheel-Trans Dispatch / Pickup

“When I use Wheel-Trans early in the morning to get to my morning appointments, they arrive half an hour before the time that they are supposed to be there.”
“We don't understand why there has to be two buses to take two people for the same address. Why can't it just be one bus?”


There is no obligation for a customer to leave early. Wheel-Trans asks customers to be ready five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Scheduling is based on each customer's requested arrival or departure times. Wheel-Trans schedules shared rides whenever possible.

Issue: Wheel-Trans policy / eligibility

“Application process to access Wheel-Trans service need to have more information, before applying and booking an appointment to talk to a person, in order to get information about requirements.”


A Community Service Representative can be contacted to discuss the eligibility criteria at 416-393-4111 or wtcs@ttc.ca. More detailed information about applying for Wheel-Trans will soon be available on-line.

Issue: Wheel-Trans online booking website

“Booking Wheel-Trans since computer system is more complicated.”
“Have the option to plug in addresses myself so that I don't take away phone time for others who may need it?”


If a customer is having difficulty with the on-line booking system, a Community Service Representative can assist. Please contact 416-393-4111 or wtcs@ttc.ca. A tutorial DVD is also available. The on-line booking service will be upgraded in 2014 to allow customers to enter their own addresses.

Issue: Wheel-Trans service reliability

“Late pickups and drop-offs need to be improved.”
“The accessible vans are almost always late.”


Wheel-Trans is committed to improving on-time service. To improve on-time service, schedules are constantly reviewed to ensure the appropriate trip time, Operators are trained to use more efficient routes across and around the City of Toronto, Dispatchers monitor all trips 24 hours a day to make adjustments, and Wheel-Trans works closely with the taxi contractors. If a trip is delayed by more than 30 minutes, customers can call the Priority Line at 416-393-4311 for assistance. If a customer has concerns with on-time service, Wheel-Trans will review the concern. Please contact a Community Service Representative at 416-393-4111 or wtcs@ttc.ca.

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