RapidTO: Eglinton East Bus Lanes

The bus routes on Eglinton East are among the TTC’s most heavily used and, during the COVID-19 pandemic, continue to play a significant role in moving people more efficiently around Toronto. It emerged as the top candidate for accelerated installation of RapidTO priority bus lanes based on an assessment of several factors including improvement to transit reliability, available right-of-way and considerations for transportation equity and inclusion of Neighbourhood Improvement Areas.

The Eglinton East bus lanes serve seven of Scarborough’s eight Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. Providing the RapidTO bus lane advances Action 7.2.1, of the City of Toronto Council approved Poverty Reduction Strategy 2019-2022 Term Action Plan, to explore bus transit lanes on heavily used bus routes in the inner suburbs to improve speed and reliability of existing transit service.

Installation took place in Fall 2020. The 8.5 kilometre Eglinton East bus lanes run along Eglinton Avenue East, Kingston Road and Morningside Avenue from Brimley Road, through to the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. The High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on Eglinton Avenue East were converted to RapidTO bus lanes. Curbside general-purpose lanes on Kingston Road and Morningside Avenue were converted to RapidTO bus lanes.

You can learn more about the Eglinton East Bus Lanes on the City of Toronto’s project website.

Using the RapidTO: Eglinton East Bus Lanes

The RapidTO bus lanes are sections of the street designated by regulatory signs and pavement markings for use by public transit, bikes may also use them. The bus lanes also have regulatory “No Stopping” signs placed along each roadway. Other vehicles are not allowed to stop or wait in the RapidTO bus lanes.

Drivers should be aware and always look for people on bikes, buses and pedestrians when travelling along or moving into RapidTO bus lanes to make turns. People on bikes and pedestrians should also be aware and look out for buses and cars.

If you drive or cycle, learn how to use the RapidTO bus lanes on Eglinton East with this guide from the City of Toronto.

Ongoing Results

In February 2022, the TTC and the City of Toronto published the latest RapidTO dashboard, which visualized how TTC customers experienced faster and more reliable trips as a result of the bus lanes. It also showed that there were minimal impacts to traffic and adjacent roadways.

Customers on the following routes saved up to five minutes on their journeys:

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