Transit Operator - Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered the most commonly asked questions about the application process, training, and role of a Transit Operator to help you apply.

  • Application process

    What is the required driver’s licence? What is considered a “driving record in good standing”?

    The minimum requirement to apply to the Transit Operator position is a valid Ontario Class G licence in good standing.

    “Good standing” refers to the number of offences/demerit points on your 3-year driver’s record (opens in a new window) (i.e. driver’s abstract). You can request your driver’s record online (opens in a new window) or in person at any Service Ontario centre. You don’t need to submit it as part of your application, but you should review the TTC’s abstract requirements to make sure you are eligible to apply.

    As long as you have your Class G license, there is no specific requirement for the minimum length of time that you’ve had your driver’s licence. The training program will include testing your skills and abilities, and managing any required licence upgrades.

    I don’t have an Ontario Class G licence due to MTO wait times. Does this affect my ability to apply?

    A full Class G licence is required for this position.

    If you do not have your full G licence, please ensure you are reviewing the MTO website for updates and schedule your G test when you are able to do so. Once you are able to obtain your full Class G licence, we encourage you to apply.

    What is the required education? How can I meet this requirement?

    A minimum of a Grade 12 Ontario Secondary School Diploma (or equivalent) is required. The TTC would also accept an original Community College Diploma (minimum 2 years, full time program) or a University Degree from an accredited college/university.

    If you obtained an Ontario diploma (or certificate, degree, etc.), but require a copy, you can request your Ontario diploma, certificate, degree or transcript directly from the issuing school board or college/university.

    If your education was completed outside of Canada, we ask that you have your education evaluated to find the Canadian equivalency. We accept evaluation from the following companies:

    If your education was previously evaluated by one of these companies, we would accept the original evaluation report, as they don’t expire.

    If you need to obtain education, the TTC encourages you to go to (opens in a new window) to locate the closest Employment Ontario service provider/community agency in your area who can assist you with your employment and training related needs.

    For more details, please review TTC’s Educational Requirements.

    Are there any age requirements/restrictions?

    The TTC is committed to fostering a positive workplace culture with a workforce that is representative of the communities it services. The TTC is committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion, and encourages participation from all job seekers.

    TTC requires that you have:

    • a full Class G licence
    • Canadian grade 12 diploma (or higher, or equivalent), and
    • face-to-face customer service experience.

    As long as you are able to meet these qualifications, you are eligible to apply.

    Under the Income Tax Act (ITA) you must start drawing on your TTC pension by the end of the year in which you turn 71, but you may elect to continue working.

    I want to apply for this position, can I apply now/I’ve previously applied for this position, can I re-apply?

    We are currently reviewing our workforce requirements and we hope to have the position posted on our website in 2021, for future requirements. The best way to stay informed is to create a candidate profile on our Career Centre (opens in a new window). On Your candidate profile you can set up job email alerts tailored to your specific career goals, including the Transit Operator position once it becomes available. 

    How should I prepare for the interview? How can I improve my application?

    Make sure you have reviewed all the job requirements. Our interviews include a mix of behavioural and situational questions. Think of the key competencies of a Transit Operator and relate them to real life situations you have had in your current/previous employment.

    When answering a behavioural-based question, we recommend using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result). You can connect with your local outreach partner or employment agency for assistance in preparing a resume or increasing your interviewing skills. Go to (opens in a new window) to locate the closest Employment Ontario Service Provider/Community Agency in your area who can assist you with your employment and training-related needs.

  • Training

    What training will I receive as a Transit Operator?

    The TTC’s training program is similar to a College level program. There will be both written and practical driving tests along with homework. Our training department will make sure you are able to operate the TTC mode you have been placed into and prepare you for the day-to-day scenarios of the role. The majority of our new hires have never operated a bus, streetcar or subway before.

  • The Transit Operator role

    Is the Transit Operator role a full-time job? What hours will I be working?

    The Transit Operator role is a permanent full-time position. No part-time hours are provided.

    The TTC operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Shifts include mornings, afternoons, days, nights, splits, weekends and holidays with various start times. Transit Operators select their shifts on a four to six-week rotation depending on the mode and division you are assigned. Shifts are based on seniority; you will have the opportunity to bid for your schedule.

  • Other job opportunities at the TTC

    I want to be a Transit Operator but I’m also interested in other roles within the TTC. How long do I have to be in the Transit Operator role before I can transfer out?

    As a Transit Operator you are locked into your mode for two years. After two years, you are eligible to apply for a System Seniority Transfer to change modes (e.g. from bus to streetcar, subway to bus, etc.) or to apply for any other positions posted on our website.

    Can I apply now for other opportunities aside from the Transit Operator position?

    We thank you for your interest! Please visit our Career Centre to view current opportunities, create your candidate profile and apply directly there for any jobs you feel meet your qualifications.

    If a job you are interested is not posted at this time, you can also set up email alerts tailored to your specific career goals.

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