Board Meeting - February 16, 2001

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Date:Thursday, February 15, 2001
Start Time:10:00 A.M.
Location:7TH Floor Boardroom, 1900 Yonge Street, Toronto
Meeting No:1794
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C-1 - Budget Advisory Committee - February 9, 2001 -

Decision Document

New Business

A special meeting of the Toronto Transit Commission was held in the 7th Floor Boardroom, McBrien Building, 1900 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario on Friday, February 16, 2001 commencing at 10:05 a.m.

Present - Committee of the Whole

B. Ashton (Chair), M. Silva (Vice-Chair), D. Miller, N. Kelly, J. Mihevc, H. Moscoe (Commissioners), R. Ducharme (Chief General Manager), V. Rodo (General Manager - Executive & General Secretary), G. Webster (General Manager – Operations), J. Sepulis (General Manager - Engineering & Construction), L. Hilborn (Deputy General Manager - Corporate), B. Leck (General Counsel), P. Buttigieg (Chief Accountant - Financial Services), R. Hughes (Chief Marketing Officer), M. Stambler (Manager - Service Planning), W. Buffett (Assistant General Secretary), and F. Stanois (Coordinator - Secretariat Services) were present.

B. Ashton was in the Chair.

Declaration of Interest - Municipal Conflict of Interest Act


Minutes of the Previous Meeting


Business Arising Out of the Minutes


Committee of the whole resolution



a) Report No. 1 - 2001 TTC Operating Budget

Gord Perks

Rocket Riders

The commission received the deputation.

(See Report No. 1 For Minute)

Commissioners Correspondence




Budget Matters

1. 2001 TTC Operating Budget

R. Hughes, Chief Marketing Officer, M. Stambler, Manager - Service Planning and V. Rodo, General Manager - Executive & General Secretary gave the following overhead slide presentations concerning this matter:

• "Overview of Forecasting Process & 2001 Outlook" (R. Hughes)

• "2001 Service Budget" (M. Stambler)

• "2001 Operating Budget Overview" (V. Rodo)

After Receiving The Presentations And Hearing The Deputation, Commissioner Miller Moved That Recommendation No. 1 Be Amended By Adding The Words "And Further Approve Option #3 Embodied In Table 6 On Page 7 Of The Report", So That Such Recommendation Reads As Follows:

"1. Approve The 2001 TTC Operating Budget (Summarized In Appendix A) As Described In This Report And The Following Accompanying Reports:

• Toronto Transit Commission 2001 Operating Budget Overview

• Toronto Transit Commission 2001 Departmental Goals & Objectives

• Toronto Transit Commission 2001 Organization Charts

• Toronto Transit Commission 2001 Detailed Operating Budget (Blue Book); And

Further Approve Option #3 Embodied In Table 6 On Page 7 Of The Report."

Commissioner Miller, Vice-Chair Silva, Commissioner Mihevc And Commissioner Moscoe Voted In Favour. Chair Ashton And Commissioner Kelly Were Opposed. The Motion Therefore Carried On A 4 - 2 VOTE.

Chair Ashton Moved Approval Of The Report, As Amended.

Chair Ashton, Vice-Chair Silva, Commissioner Miller, Commissioner Moscoe, Commissioner Mihevc And Commissioner Kelly Voted In Favour. There were no votes in opposition. The motion therefore carried on a 6 - 0 vote.

Commissioner Miller Moved The Following:

1. That The TTC Request The City Of Toronto, In Cooperation With The T.M.A. Steering Committee, To Explore Flex Time Options For Its City Hall And Metro Hall Employees.

2. That TTC Staff Be Requested To Report To The Commission Regarding:

(i) A General Flex Time Programme For The Public And Private Sector To Improve Peak Period Service On The Subway, In Consultation With Appropriate City Staff And The T.M.A. Steering Committee;

(ii) Significant Transit Priority Measures For The Surface System, In Particular Streetcars.

3. That Ttc Staff Be Requested To Approach Enwave To Determine If There Is Any Possibility For A Public Partnership With Respect To The Generation Of Electricity.

The Commission Approved Commissioner Miller's Motions.

Commissioner Mihevc Moved The Following:

1. That The TTC Request The Province To Enter Into An Operating Funding Arrangement.

2. That The Commission Appoint Chair Ashton, Vice-Chair Silva And Commissioner Miller To Represent The TTC At Any And All Meetings Held With Provincial Officials.

The Commission Approved Commissioner Mihevc's Motions.

Vice-Chair Silva Moved That Staff Be Requested To Report Back At The Next Meeting On Taking A More Aggressive Approach In Generating Additional Revenues, Particularly With Respect To Telecommunications And Filming.

The Commission Approved Vice-Chair Silva's Motion.

Chair Ashton Moved That The $12 Million Surplus And $8 Million Fare Stabilization Fund Be Allocated Against The TTC 2001 Operating Budget.

The Commission Approved Chair Ashton's Motion.

2. 2001 Wheel-Trans Operating Budget

Commissioner Mihevc Moved That This Matter Be Deferred Until The Next Meeting.

The Commission Approved Commissioner Mihevc's Motion.

Procurement Matters


Other Business


Staff Response to Commission Inquiries



C-1 City Budget Advisory Committee - February 9, 2001 - Decision Document

The Commission Received The Communication Dated February 9, 2001 From The City Budget Advisory Committee.

New Business


The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Supplementary Agenda


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